ALL HAIL NIGERIA @ 58: The Repairers And Spoilers



The super potential, capabilities of both human and natural resources which are yet to be tapped, brings some magic wand theorists and dooms day commentators to postulate for Nigeria only perdition, but God forbid.
Nigeria at 58 has had her unfortunate and bitter nationalexperiences that is why both some very well bred, trained superior elites, and some baseless common people are in the same league, in their belief that whoever emerges the Head of State or President does not have what it takes to run government no matter their level of their education, skills, acquired discipline, competence on their previous job and career etc. All their capacity builds up were simply, ingloriously written off. This trend started as far back as 1960.
In those days, when hate speeches were signs of political demagogue, and brigandage, caused, the military establishment to organize the first coupdetat, which was interpreted by some member of the military to have targeted their leaders for elimination; of another hate reaction against the perceived perpetrators of the first coup, orchestrated a Pogrom, Police action, and outright civil war, which lasted for 30 months.
The country became acrimonious for a long time despite the declaration of “No victor, No vanquished” at the end of the Nigeria civil war, by the then Head of State of the commander in Chief of the armed forces Gen. YakubuGowanGCFR. Now a Phd holder.


After the war came reconciliation, reconstruction and rehabilitation. Up till today the military, which maintained internal and external territorial integrity of Nigeria were written off as power mongers and military juntas. Today, facts show they were able to create 34 states of Nigeria, the only two created by civilian regime are DELTA AND EDO which was Midwest region: the only region created by civilian parliamentary system.
The New Nigeria National Anthem and the Pledge in the past 58 years of Nation Building.
See the new National anthem and the pledge a complete call to service and a wonderful world prayer to God Almighty to help us achieve whatever aims, it has been so and God almighty has always, most graciously, done so for Nigeria in the past 58 years.
The National Anthem Arise, O compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey To serve our fatherland With love and strength and faith The labor of our heroes past Shall never be in vain To serve with heart and might One nation bound in freedom, peace, and unity. Oh God of creation, direct our noble cause Guide our leaders right Help our youth and truth to know In love and honesty to grow And living just and true Great lofty heights attain To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.
The National Pledge I pledge to Nigeria, my country To be faithful, loyal, and honest To serve Nigeria with all my strength To defend her unity And uphold her honor and glory So help me God.
Top of Form
The details of who used the instrument of military state authority were as follows below.

Gen. Yakubu Gowon GCFR – 12 states
Changed the parliamentary system to federal system of government to suit the ethnic nationalities agitating for self-rule.
Gave the head of state and the commander in chief of the federal government the supreme control of all the paraphernalia of government and in the states, the governors took control of all such bodies, thereby annulling the parliamentary system completely. For the dooms day postulates, because he paid the salary of Angola, they wrote him off as a spend thrift Head of State, because he was being his brother’s keeper.
Gen.Muritala Mohammed – 19 state
He created 7 states in line with further act of foundation laying for ethnic recognition and easy infrastructural development bringing the number of states to 19.
Purged the civil service by compulsorily retiring most parliamentary system employed civil servants, who were perceived to be embezzling money meant for infrastructural development, and human capacity development. He was written off by the dooms day pundits that he killed the entire civil service, Structure.
Gen. OlusegunObasanjo GCFR, bequeathed a democratically elected government from 1979 – 1983, his effort was described as weak, afraid and was not a courageous soldier
AlhajiShehuShagari GCFR – his regime was written off because of rice armada in the regime’s attempt to implement Operation Feed the Nation. They were written out as wasteful, import license swindlers etc.
Gen MohammaduBuhari- During the military coup (1983), Gen MohammaduBuhari, was in the United States of America on course, in one of the military bases when his colleagues, invited him as one of their leading lights to head the new military regime.After the bloodless coup de tat, the soldier’s soldier came started War AgainstIndiscipline.(W.A.I,) restored order, and startedthe queuing culture; His deputy Gen Idiagbon, while leading the implementation, of (WAI) added the use of “Bulala” horse tail whips, no smiles, (which today Christians call holy anger), which made the program to work faster. Nigerians changed the name of the regime from Buhari’s regime to Buhari/Idiagbon regime, eventually, wrote off the regime as Draconian regime. A man such as Buhari, who had undertaken course in very serious military forts across the civilized world in his chosen career, the military, headed government In Nigeria, was later to be maligned that he had no certificate, no proficiency, no capability, and competency, to run the Same Nigeria state, meant a hate attitude and behavior However Nigerians voted him overwhelmingly in 2015. Presently seeking reelection early 2019. Why not?
Gen Ibrahim BadamosiBabangida- 11 states
Moved the federal capital territory from Lagos to Abuja.
Started the defunct SDP and NRC political parties.
Started the option A4 political voting system.
Postulated home grown democratic system.
Introduced the structural adjustment program SAP.
Organized the one and only national conference.
Organized the freest, fairest and most credible election in Nigeria.
Annulled the election because of the interference by politicians interference and the judiciarys’ unclear intervention
Created two labor centers in Nigeria NLC and TUC.
He created most of the existing department and agencies such as NAFDAC, NDE etc.
He involved very eminent Nigerians and scholar in his government and governance e.g. Professor Wole Soyinka, Late Tai Solarin, Prof. BeckorKuti, Prof. Jerry Gana, and Dr. KaluIdikaKalu Dr. Chu Okongwu etc.
In the cause of ruling the Nigeria State, he was able to appoint 90 military officers in all the forces Navy, Air force, and Police as Military Governors, in the Headquarters and in the states; within the past 58 years.
His late wife, Mrs Mariam N Babangida, started the office of the first lady and Better Life For Rural Women and took women of Nigeria, 1st time out of Nigeria, in large numbers, from all state of federation to Bejien Conference,within the 58 years.
He styled himself military President,ostencively, because, he served for eight years, at the end of his tenure, he used the military term “step aside, which dangerous politicalpondits translated that he never wanted to hand over power.
Chief Ernest Shonekan GCFR –Gen Ibrahim Babaginda handed over to Shonekan
Shonekan a complete civilian, completely out for business. He was a business mogul. In order to save both local and international investments in Nigeria accepted to manage the country.
His appointment was one of the best decisions of PresidentIbrahamBabangida, GCFR, the Maradona and Evil Jenus, with captivating, toothy smiles, on his very chubby face, thepure. Combatant, artillery soldier who made a Military Regime look like a complete civilian regime ‘BequeathedChief Ernest Shonekan to Nigeria as an interim president.
Gen. SanniAbacha GCFR– 6 states
The strongest, the most furtive, dark shade wearing, arrested chief MKO Abiola who had declared himself winner of the annulled elections.
The most altruistic, patriotic, taciturn Head of State.
Did not travel out of Nigeria for one day during his regime
Created the six geo- political zones in Nigeria,
Raised the foreign reserve of Nigeria used for national Development.
Threatened to take Nigeria to the new world China before he died in office.
Created 5 political parties. Now defunct

Total number of centers of development in Nigeria today are 36 plus Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and 774 local government areas, which are also centers of development constitutionally speaking.
Today, despite the great effort of the military in 1999 to bouquet us a democratic government via a democratic process of elections, a group of top Nigerians, very top elites ‘the Patriots’ called, and up till date, still call the 1999 Nigeria constitution as amended, a ‘Fraud’. Their reason being that it was signed by Gen. AbubakarAbdusalamiAbubakar GCFR.
“The labours of our Heros past shall never be in vain”

Another reason the patriots, despite and in spite of their great learning and competence said the clause ‘we the people’. Please‘we’, does it not include, the military?The common man, however can only be included by ‘proxy’. Ever since 1999, the Nigeria constitution had gone through adequate constitutional amendments, and it is now cited as Nigeria 1999 constitution as amended. So what fraud is there?
This constitution was handed over to an elected former head of state Gen. OlusegunObasanjo GCFR. He handled it for eight years to the best of his knowledge and ability and, also handed it to another democratically, completely civilian, elected, President UmaruYaradua GCFR.His major contribution to foundation laying and nation building in Nigeria was to use the instrument of amnesty to settle militancy issues in the Niger Delta region, before his demise. In Nigeria a PhD holder, the head of the previous government, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, GCFR had been called clueless. What a country? What a mindset? The man who averted war by not calling up the armed forces, and simply refusing to hand over power which must of the party members expected by throwing in the towel, when his party lost the presidential election in 2015.
The same constitution is now in the hands of former head of state Gen. MohamaduBuhari, under a military regime, now duly elected President, PMB.
It is very important to note the wonderful strides made by us in all spheres of human endeavors were simply taken for granted by those dooms day operation finish Nigeria pundits.
NIGERIA at 58,AN EMERGENT NATION,needs the massive popularization of 1992 national conference report to create a national individual; institutional awareness of the proceedings of the national conference titled:

IBADAN NIGERIA. First published in 1992
ISBN 978-2679-52-6 Limp
978-2679-64-X cased
Printed by Les Shyraden (NIG) Limited

The above named document contains all that Nigeria needs for her continued speedy and steady national development. Everything was captured by that national conference instituted by President Ibrahim BadamosiBabangida GCFR after the MAMSER, it falls within the purview of

The NOA was established by decree 100 of 23rd August, 1993
To develop a Nigerian society that is orderly, responsible and disciplined; where citizen demonstrate core values of honesty, hard work, and patriotism; where democratic principles and ideas are upheld, and where peace and social harmony reign.
To consistently raise awareness, providetimely and credible feedback; positively change attitudes, values and behaviors; accurately and adequatelyinform; and sufficiently mobilize citizens to act in ways that promote peace, harmony and national development.
What more can be added than to urge governments at all the three tiers to fund the National Orientation Agency adequately to take this mandate to all the nooks and crannies i.e. grassroots of this potentially great nation at 58.

THE BOOK, Social Transformation for Self-Reliance; Proceedings of a National conference, has the following table of content.

Background Paper
Directorate for Social Mobilization 1

Towards a Transformed Society: Welcome Address.
Prof. Jerry Gana
Chairman, Directorate for Social Mobilization 15

Opening Remarks by Chairman of Opening Ceremony.
His Royal Highness, OmoN’obaN’Edo,
UkuAkpolokoplo,Erediauwa, Oba of Benin. 19

Keynote Address by the Special Guest of Honor.
General Ibrahim BadamasiBabangida, CFR, fssmni
President, commander-in-chief of the Armed forces
Of Nigeria. 23


Chapter 1: Foundation of Self-Reliance I.
Prof. O. Nnoli
Department of Political science,
University of Nigeria,Nsukka. 29

Chapter 2: Foundation of Self-Reliance II.
Prof B.U. Ekuerhare
Department of Economics,
Bendel state University, Ekpoma 41
Chapter 3: Foundation of Self-Reliance III.
Mr. AshikiweAdione-Egom
Publisher, Financial Post,
Isolo Expressway, Lagos 51


Chapter 4: Integrated Rural Development.
Prof. Akin Mabogunje,
Pro-chancellor, Ogun State University, Ago-Iwoye. 67

Chapter 5: Transforming Nigeria’s Agricultural Production System I.
Prof. F. S. Idachaba
University of Agriculture, Makurdi.

Chapter 6: Transforming Nigeria’s Agricultural Production System II.
Prof. M. O Ijere
Director, Centre for Rural Development and
Cooperatives, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. 79

Chapter 7: Transforming Nigeria’s Agricultural Production Systems III.
Prof. N.B. Mijindadai
Director, Agricultural Extension, Research and
Liason Services, A.B.U Zaria 109

Chapter 8: Transforming Nigeria’s Agricultural Production Systems IV.
Dr. YahayaAbdullahi and Dr. Thomas K. Atala
Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural
Sociology, L.A.R, A.B.U Zaria. 119


Chapter 9: Transforming Nigeria’s Industrial Production Base.
Dr. (Mrs) OluremiAribisala
Director, Raw Materials Research and Development
Council, Lagos. 139

Chapter 10: Transforming Nigeria’s Technological Base I.
Prof. OsitaEze
Dean, Raw Materials Research and Development
Council, Lagos. 159

Chapter 11: Transforming Nigeria’s Technological Base II.
Prof. G.A. Makjanjuola
Consulting Director, DFRRI, Lagos 187

Chapter 12: Transforming Nigeria’s Technological Base III.
Dr. OlajideKoleoso
Director, Federal Institute of Industrial Research,
Oshodi, Lagos.
Dr. M.A.O Kehinde
Federal Institute of Industrial Research,
Oshodi, Lagos. 207


Chapter 13: Two Years of Structural Adjustment In Nigeria:
Achievements, Problems and Prospects.
Chief OluFalae
Secretary to the Federal Military Government,
The Presidency,
TafawaBalewa Square, Lagos. 219

Chapter 14: On Assessing the Structural Adjustment Programme
In Nigeria: 1986-1989.
Dr. Pius Okigbo
Consultant, SCOUP and Co., P.O. Box 7907, Lagos. 235

Chapter 15: Structural Adjustment and National Development:
Deriving and ensuring a viable and fair exchange rate for
The Naira.
S.E. Omoruyi
Chief Research Officer
Central Bank of Nigeria, Lagos 245

Chapter 16: Comparative Experiences of Structural Adjustment in
The Third World.
Dr. AbassBundu
Executice Secretary, ECOWAS,
6 King George V Road, Lagos. 257

Chapter 17: Comparative Experiences of Selected African Countries
Under the Structural Adjustment Programme.
Prof. UkaEzenwe
Department of Economics
Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. 269

Chapter 18: External Obstacles to SAP
Dr. Jonathan Zwingina
Director, Directorate for Social Mobilization,
Gongola State, Yola. 281

Chapter 19: Civil servants as Economic Managers I.
Chief P.C. Asiodu
Chairman, ECOBANK, Lagos. 289

Chapter 20: Civil Servants as Economic Managers II.
Prof. A. D Yahaya
Administrative Staff College of Nigeria
(ASCON), Lagos. 295

Chapter 21: Management of Public Enterprises in Nigeria I
Dr. HamzaZayya
Chairman, Technical Committee on Privatization
And Commercilaization. 309

Chapter 22: Management of Public Enterprises in Nigeria II.
Dr. Mike Kwanashie
Department of Economics,
A.B.U., Zaria. 315

Chapter 23: Promoting Adequate Data and Information Base for
National Development I.
Prof. S. Adamu
Director, Federal Office of Statistics. 323

Chapter 24: Promoting Adequate Data and Information Base for
National Development II.
Prof. P.O Adeniyi
Directorate of Food, Roads and Rural
Infrastructures (DFRRI)
The Presidency,
TafawaBalewa Square, Lagos. 339



Management of the National Economy. 361
Agricultural Transformation. 368
Integrated Rural Development. 374
Industrial and Technology Transformation 375
Socio-Political Transformation 381

The reason I included the table of content is to show you the quality of the human capital paraded at that time by MAMSER. They all belong to the best of the best in Nigeria at the time you may say until dates. MAMSER itself prepared a wonderful background paperby the chairman at that time, very erudite pungent, and indefatigable word smith. Prof. Jerry Gana.
Then came the opening ceremony. Chairman’s speech who was OMO N’OBA N’EDO, UKUAKPOLOKPOLO, EREDIAUWA, CFR, Oba of Benin. Remember that this Oba of Benin was a one-time federal permanent secretary. Actually, he was the permanent secretary who want with Gen Gowon toAburi peace talk in Ghana. A very top flight, well-bred, civil servant, those called super permanent secretary.
Please, endeavor to read his speech. You will think he was speaking us today. He was a great potentate.
Anybody who is above you in character and in rank, position of authority, formal or informal, traditional or civil,in the family or in civil service is a leader. All interest groups have leaders, therefore from the President of any nation e.g. Nigeria to all aspirants of such high offices down to councillorship, ward heads of political parties all leaders. In the civil service, from the permanent secretary to messengers are leaders. In the family from the husbands, wives and children in their seniority are all leaders. In the communities traditional rulers and all the chiefs and all the age grade system heads with their titles are all leaders. In the religious circle, from the supreme pontiff the POPE down to the mass severs, pastors, Bishops etc. are all leaders. You work hard to become a leader. A group of people without a leader is a mob.

It is important to note that Nigeria is a secular state i.e. but however individuals adhere to religious organizations which influence them.
As aChristian, Pastor, the vice President Prof. YemiOsinbajo, SAN, of the Redeemed church must have been praying for himself and on behalf of President MohammaduBuhari GCFR. Vice president Prof. Osinbajo a SAN, a legal luminary must have read the Holy bible, true and through in the cause of his legal studies, so injunctions such as pay for your leaders are just normal ABC. See 1st timothy 1-15 and for Promotion; which could be translated to upward mobility in life being recited, always see psalm 75:1-10.
In these two chapters of the Holy Bible, when you read them you will understand why God Almighty has the final say in our lives. Only God determines our successes how, where, when to elevate, all we need is prayer.
PMB is one of the superbly qualified in character (WAI initiator) and in learning (Having attended the highest courses across the globe in his chosen career). What God said in the Christian Holy Bible Isaiah 9…?
On the fact that government shall rest on the shoulders of Jesus Christ. See Isaiah 9. Endeavor to read through to the end.
In all these Christian Holy Bible mandates, and directives God did not say on the shoulders of a Christian or Muslim son or Hindu son or a Pagan son or an atheist son or traditional adherent son. It is simply God’s own son. Also touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm… who is the anointed? Only God knows. Therefore follow the mandate, do the right, transform Nigeria. This change begins with me, if and when we change our collective and individual mindset. Focus on what you can do, do your best in your life, your environment, let others do their best. Nigeria would develop faster.
This is an important issue which had roots in the Christian scriptures, the Holy Bible.
See Gen 32: Jacob to Israel, Abram to Abraham. Gen 17: Sarai to Sarah. Gen 17: Simon to Peter. John 1: Saul to Paul Acts 13.
In today’s world, Ghana was gold coast. Cote de voire was Ivory Coast, East Pakistan was Bangladesh. The UK was Great Britain, America was United Colonies of America before it became the United States of America, Bahamas was British West Indies, Botswana was Bechuanaland, Canada was New Found land, India was Hindustan, Kenya was Kenya colony, Malawi was Nyasaland, Malaysia was British North Borneo/Malaya, Mozambique was Portuguese East Africa. Also the capital of the state of Israel, created in 1948 after the World War 2 was Tel A ’vive. Today it has become changed and moved to Jerusalem.
Most changes bring positive mindset to the peopleconcerned. Most people do not believe in Nigeria. They see it as a mere colonial geographical expression- Chief Awolowo. But for a long time, the WAZOBIA has been touted, books and dictionary of the three major languages written, language development policy were even presented at world class seminars and workshops by eminent Nigerians and scholars, so why not adopt it with the following additions.It can work now, that change is inevitable. It brings the spirit of patriotism, altruism, tolerance, acceptability, integration etc. to the indigenes of the nation.

What is in a name? As Africans, there are lot, every African name carries either spiritual and spiritual connotation or meaning.
So far, you scarcely see any Nigerian of today, You have NAIJA, WAZOBIA, and AKATA etc. Naija tried to regig Nigeria. It has become more adopted into private name for businesses.
WAZOBIA, formed out of the three major languages of Nigeria namely WA from Yoruba, ZO from Hausa, and BIA from Igbo, makes and still make more sense. Then to ensure that all other Compatriots are added, we add com in the following other WAZOBIACOM to make it spell-able and with good sound.It becomes WAZOBIACOMto bring in compatriots all other ethic Nationalities of the present day Nigeria.
The eight NASS can easily amend the 1999 constitution to enable Nigerians believe in themselves and in their nation and fully focus on issue of massive and infrastructural development are peace building enterprise.
On the flag for the WAZOBIACOM nation, add one complete SUN at the center of the white in the present green white green.
In all these, let our National Council of Traditional Rulers give us one name just like Abuja.

By the wonderful event of leading the delegates of Africa leaders to China,it opened a new world for social, technological and infrastructural development both for Nigeria and Africa,as a whole.
However, I think that my very distinguished senator, Dr. IfeanyiOkowa, the governor of Delta state, was in China first. The Chinese signature was signed with the building of Nnebisi/cable point road, including a jetty in Asaba, soon after the storm drainages, then, the seven story new secretariat, being built by ECCC and CCECC.
China is now the medical technological and social destination for Africans. 61 billion US dollarinterest free loan and a moratorium is not a joke. 1 billion dollar given to Nigeria alone with the same condition is another wonder.
The Yuan/Dollar swap for those in import/export business, when started, expectedly this October is going to crash inflation rate and ease of doing business would increase.
Jeremiah 1:47; Psm. 39:1-3.PMB was sick, almost died, but God almighty, the owner of the universe not only preserved him, also gave him once again, a robust health. On his return, after his first, the first regime of treatment in the UK, he told Nigerians that he brought age and experience, into this APC administration, that his Vice President Prof. YemiOsinbajobrought youthfulness, courage and intellectualism. Is it a lie? Only God has the final say in all our lives. No degree of political permutation by man to be able to understand the motives of God. Remember any time PMB had reasons to travel out of the country, he transmits power to the V.P Prof. Osinbajo according to the 1999 constitution as amended, there by beating all the power mongers and all manner of cabals in their game.
Nigerians are happy with it. Rome was not built in one day, insecurity is being managed, especially in the North East.

Human capital, adequately developed, creates, and develops, the infrastructure for safety, and pursuit of happiness.People do not need to know who brought developmental infrastructure, such as good, durable, accessible road, ultra-modern railways, ultra-modern hospital equipment, schools, farm settlement facilities, modular refineries, ICT infrastructure and modern banking transformation instruments etc. What the people need are the presence of these facilities at their beck and call. However, government must as her constitutionally mandated role provide the enabling environment and push to implement those.
On these, the Delta state government led by the indefatigable, astute politically sagacious, due diligent, harmonious, numerous, integrative, bridge builder, youthful and youth empowerer, job creator, very distinguished Sen. DR. IfeanyiOkowais onthe same page with the soldiers, foundation laying in the past 58years.
The war against indiscipline (WAI) initiator, the anti-corruption world recognized crusader, the upholder of the tenets of the constitution to the letter, PresidentMohammaduBuhari, GCFR. (PMB) His courage to lead,not only Nigeria to China, a completely new world, and a ,harvest of MoU’s already signed by atleast sixteen companies from China makes him a thorough, courageous soldier, a democrat. PMB, had signed the separation of power bill into law; that is, the legislative, executive and judiciary, INEC just registered 91 political parties in Nigeria; as is in advanced democracies.It was obvious that only two would be the major contestants in the 2019 elections, a plus to democracy in 58 years.
The major opposition party just used the indirect system of election to elect its Presidential candidate in the freest, fairest, crystally clear, very credible election at Port-Harcourt, a complete departure from the past in Nigeria. A world class star performance by Governor IfeaniOkowa of Delta State.
It was obvious that the indirect process must be expensive. Politics and elections are business for the rich, disciplined, incorruptible, courageous citizens of any nation. Ask Donald Trump of the USA, how much he alone spent in his election to become the 45 US president of the USA. Two things work the magic in power cycle,Money and Bullets,that is why the early foundations were usually by the militaryGeorge Washington was an America Soldier. Oliver Crowmwel of Great Britain was a British Soldier, Charles De Gual was a French Soldier; Joseph Stalin was a Russia Soldier (USSR) the Czas of the Russia were trained soldiers, Adolf Hitler of Germany was a soldier Ben Guruonof Isreal was a soldier. These people founded those Great Nations.Nigeria @ 58,OUR soldiers,laid, and are still laying foundations for national development. Democratic processes are with money, with which to sell, your selfish enlightened interest. Horse trading, lobby are the names for democratic tools. The media, usually referred to as the 4th estate of the realm, are the veritable instruments for popularization, agenda setting, etc. must have altruistic, patriotic capacity, and tendencies as has been enshrined in both the 1999 constitution as amended, andin the FOIA, 2011, to carry out its mandates. The leading Political Party had chosen the consensus option system to choose her running mate. It gavechance for any other system that the APC state may decision. In the united states the process of the election of the democratic party candidate MRS. Clinton was not known to anybody whether it was by direct primaries or indirect primaries, also the emergence of President Donald Trump as the candidate of the Republican Party, was definitely an indirect primary which was why when he won by electoral collage, the uninitiated in the electoral college system in US of America started protesting worldwide, but it had been a time tested system in the USA. Only popular votes do not win elections in the USA. The second round voting by congress by the Electoral College system confirms and consolidates the Presidents’ election in the United States of America.Popular, general votes counts,but , it must have Electoral College backing.That was home grown democracy which IBB spoke about during his days in government.
The diplomatic shuttles of the UK prime minister Teresa May and the German chancellor Angela Machel to Nigeria on the hills of President Buhari’sChina trip, in which Teresa May proposed loans to Nigeria for infrastructural development and Angela Machel proposing the rebuilding of volkz wagon were all part of the gains of non- alignment of Nigeria government to do whatever it wishes as a nation states, a credit to Nigeria at 58 under Buhari’s watch. Also, the state visit of the French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron was kudos to good governors.
When the president of the united states of America Donald Trump referred to some African nations and a few Asian countries as shit holes, the studied silence of the presidency was legendary. On the alleged derogatory statement on the head status of President MuhammaduBuhari,the studied, deliberate silence, of the presidency, was also instructive. Silence is still Golden.
In the past 58 years, Abuja/Kaduna train shuttle, started working. The east- west super highway, is nearing completion. Steven Keshi international stadium ASABA, with all the Olympic modern facilities, airport ASABA, Bayelsaairport, Nigeria at58 has 47 state University 43 federal universities, 75 private universities,80 federal and state polytechnics,several federal medical centers across the whole country, several privately owned medical and health institutions, across the country.It is almost impossible for anyone to know and identify the boundary between Lagos state and Ogun state, so it is with Onitsha/Nnewi business hub.The Niger bridge at ASABA was built as far back as 1964, all these happened in 58 years of Nigeria as a nation state.However governor IfeanyiOkowa, of Delta state, though not in the same political party with PMB, performs very laudable infrastructural developmental construction works, with many Chinese construction companies, and they deliver on roads, bridges, jetties, storm drainages, public building etc.He used the clock in clock out technology to remove about 24,000 ghost workers from the Delta state payroll.
In these, what the people need are the infrastructural development. Consolidation in the Banking industry had helped to save the Skye Bank fromcollapse. The easy transitions from Skye to Polaris bank, Thanks to Prof. SoludounderChief Obasanjo’s regime for consolidating the banking industry within 18 months, and professed that consolidation is a continuous exercise. Real Prof. of Economics Baba’s CBN Governor.
When the Steven Keshi international stadium Asaba was chosen as venue for the hosting of Senior Africa Athletes competition,it was a tall dream.
The Very distinguished Sen. Dr. ifeanyiOkowa performed, PMB performed, and Nigeria succeeded, grandiosely in the hosting of African senior athletes in ASABA 2018.
– Read your bible personally,then leave the interpretations to your chosen cleric, iePope, The supreme Pontiff of the Catholic church.Bishop, general overseer, pastors, Evangelists etc.
Read your Koran personally as I said to Christians above, then leave interpretations to the Grand Khadis, Imams, Alhaji, etc. the Islamic clerics to interprete.
Read the Nigeria 1999 constitution as amended,including the freedom of information act 2011 personally. To personally understand how it affects your rights and privileges, Then leave the interpretations to supreme court judges appeal an high court judges and magistrate, lawyers, and SANS. The judiciary, and legislature for enactments, and interpretation of the law in the constitution, so that when, some statements are made by the commander-in-chief, it would be understood.

The National Orientation Agency Headquarter Abuja should be adequately funded to mass produce the 1991 constitution, as amended for the distribution to the entire country in the 36 states, 774, Local Government Areas and the FederalCapital territory Abuja. The NOA Staff, represent the Evangelists, Jehova witness of the federal government. The constitution is not to be free any way.
It could be as cheap as N500.00.So far, you can buy the at book vendors in front of Federal secretariat Okpanam RoadAsaba. And Delta state secretariat book venders Mariam Babangida way Asaba.

Historical Narrative, Government Perspective, from Extant Experiences and Laws.
The phenomenon of the above named rivers overflowing their banks has gotten often and more devastating. Why you may ask? Why is it that some years it’s smaller, others mid range, and this year highest. Climate change, yes and no?
The first in Nigeria was 1969, it was massive, but because since, strategic national infrastructures had not been developed, and that was during the civil war, the collateral damages were either too little to notice, or was passed as some of the war disasters, especially around AtaniOgbaru of Anambra state.
Then came the 2012 National flooding disaster. The great loss encountered by at least eight states including Delta State, was enormous.
This year 12 states were drastically devastated.
Let me address thisyears and others from both formal and informal perspectives.
Informal, before, the amalgamation all the constitutional development processes up to the acquisition of independence in 1960- there lived people, aboriginalpeople in the territory Nigeria.
These people had farm lands, fishing camps, permanent and shifting cultivationsetc by the banks of the River Niger and Benue. The perennial flooding brings heavy Aluvialsoil with natural manure for their yam and vegetable farming. The flooding provides surplus fishes, as the floods receded year in year out, the farming business begins. Fisher men and women had special canoes with which to move and fish anywhere in raining season and in dry season. They simply follow the water and cast nests and other baskets type of fish traps etc.
Nation building started. Big question, why is it that despite and inspite of the fact that the ASABA TO ONITSHA RIVER NIGER BRIDGE BUILTS as far as back 1964 by the defunct 1st Republic, AlhajiTafawaBalewa, Dr. NamdiAzikiwe regime; the road leading to and fro the bridge had never been submerged especially this year where all new settlements left and right to the bridge had gone down, submerged all houses, farms, markets, schools are presently water, residents now reside in internally displaced person camps (IDPS), also being catered for like war displaced IDPS in the North East, in the North, fire power, man-made; the Niger Benue flood; National,God made.Fire andunder water at the same time; the effects are the same, deaths, pain, sorrow, agony etc.
The road to Niger Bridge at Asaba, its gradient was taken at UmezeiAsaba, up to where the Umezei,Asaba had the highest pick by the bank of the River Niger Banks .Then also at the Onitsha side and where it has the highest pick by the bank of the river Niger. The bridge was placed there at the topmost parts of the river Niger. Then the road was constructed, well elevated to meet the bridge. That is why today the bridge can never submerge because the right things was done in the beginning. So when such submerged places as OminuOgbome,Akwuibolo,Alanchele, power line,AnwaiOgbi, Infant Jesus, etc. These where the AsabaAlluvium heavily fertile farm lands and fishing ponds and cempsfor the aboriginal Ahaba,before the development of Dams, in the Northern parts of Nigerian, an emergent nation in West Africa.
When Dams, both for hydroelectricity and agricultural purposes started developing, these national strategic infrastructures started holding water, they inform of lakes, ponds, to irrigate the mainly Sahel regions of the North, the lower river Niger/Benue started drying up, thereby providing land for speculators to acquire, sell, build and occupy.
In a Nutshell, the natural phenomenon of massive flooding would continue.
The Niger state victims have called for the building of new town for them remember- NEW BUSSA TYPE while some segments in the Southwere still speaking of return to their ancestral homes,which have been underwater for upwards of eight weeks. All the private businesses and police station, at the Asaba end of the River Niger which took gradient from the 1964 road never went under or submerged,they are there for everyone to see. The flood did not affect the Grand Hotel, FMCAsaba, Anchorage Asaba back of St. Joseph Pro CathedralAsabaetc but Asaba yam farms and fishing areas on the bank of the Niger. Also the flood did not affect Onitsha in Anambra State but the OgbaruAtani Niger River flooding plane. It did not affect Aboh town, the well known colonial slave camp because it stands on the pack but their farm land and fishing camps. It did not affect Illah town but the popular Out Illah fishing camp and farmland at Illah. It finally did not affect OtuOgwuAsaba. A popular fish market and Alluvium farmland by Jetty now known as Love Port by the bank of the River Nigeria.

The Federal Government through the federal ministry of water resources had started the process by evoking and invoking the maritime water way act 1965 to that effect. We shall know the nauticaldistance from the middle of the rivers to the banks of the adjoining states or affected states.
My source say when the laws are thoroughly up dated and up graded, with inputs from Nimutthey would build dykes and levees along the banks, to reduce the effect of the flooding. The dykes are said to be in 2 levels, would be built in such a wayas not to use some dredging technology and sand filling to consume the available River banks, which by naturalsequence always rise annually, and recedes. So agriculture will continue to develop along the banks as it was in the beginning when the aboriginals settled in their present communities.
The state governments in full collaboration with the federal government as my sourcesreveal, hadagreed to build new townse.g new BUSSA type, for the perennially displaced communities. The land deliberately acquired for the new towns fully designated as ABC new town, still in NORTH, SOUTH, EAST AND WEST local government of the state for the purposes of census and elections etc. Then, do electoral community census, with the traditional rules and elders and chiefs with the Ofor – ancestral staff of office, so that whoever is not a member of that annually displaced community member of the community would have only God almighty to contend with, when calamity calls.
We gather the state governments would pay the necessary compensations to those whose lands would be used for such lifesaving intra/ultradevelopment purposes, land for expanse would be added, and schools would be built, play grounds, police station, land for social and interest groups activities.
The issue of herds men and right of way would have been easily be resolved once and for all. They need water swamps, not farm lands. The necessary laws would be put in place, and new kind of jobs such as managers, levees and dykes dredging control workers and managers, etc. massive job creation. The levees and dykes and massive Herdsman routes demarcation by the MDAS. NIMETS Ultramodern ICT technology will be deployed for maximum benefits to the nation. We also gather that much concrete jobs will be created also.The salvage we just witnessed in Skye Bank transformation to Polaris bank is a well-known testimony, MASHAL plan will work. To God Almightybe the glory.

Our Sources Reveal
Where would the money for the MASHAL plan come from?
“See mark, Mathew, Luke and John. The betrayal of Jesus Christ by Judas. After the rejection of the 30 pieces of silver, what and how was it used? The Biblical elder said that the 30 pieces of silver has become blood money and could not be returned to the treasury for budgeting a expenditure so it was used to buy land where strangers would be buried.
Abacha loots returned falls into this category. That Abachaloot, cannot be paid into the treasury. That is why even the countries which returned the loots adequately told the federal government how to spend it. That it was no more for NASS debate and bugeting.
This MASHAL plan should be part of it use it for IDP water, IDP fire equal to the same thing.
If we follow the due process and due diligence, it will enable us tolerate one another and the ultimate would be national peace and unity, total altruistic, egalitasm, patriotic, society will emerge.
Every one of us is a leader, in his or her own right, change to a greater nation begins with me. Change where you are and it connects your neighbor.

A journalist,
Chairman, Federal Information chapel,
Delta state council,
Nigeria union of journalist delta state
Staff of the National Orientation Agency
Delta state directorate
Wrote from Asaba

Chairman, Federal Information chapel,
Delta state council,
Nigeria Union of Journalist NUJ, delta state
Staff of the National Orientation Agency
Delta state directorate

Wrote from Asaba



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