Nigerians Should Question Govt COVID-19 Expenditure or – Activist Pushes


By Iteveh Ekpokpobe

Journalist and Activist, Mr. Nnamdi Okose, has called on Nigerians to rise now and question the COVID-19 budget and expenditure of the Federal Government or face dire consequence in weeks time.

In an article titled, “To all those who will be sick eventually”, Okose posited that the surge in cases may get out off hand and invariably trigger limited resources.

In this lieu, he said there would be a high level of medical negligence by practitioners on patients.

He stressed that accountability seemed to be the only succour Nigerians could bank on if they must survive the wave of COVID-19 infections.

Recounting the ordeal of one Uncle Emeka, a deceased victim of medical negligence in Abuja, the activist, said “Uncle Emeka died by 2.30am on the 23rd of June 2020, barely three days after his 67th birthday. He died while seated behind a car that was taking him to yet another hospital in Abuja.”

According to him, the hospital were not sure of the deceased’s status, “you see, the hospitals were not sure whether he had Covid 19. His history of hypertension could mean that he was having a heart attack. But these hospitals did not give him a chance. They were all a part of the culture of callousness and impunity that murdered a man who should not have died.”

Okose wrote, “For you, for us, there may still be hope. Can we for once shake off this docility and ask where the money budgeted for Covid is going? Can we ask all the medical professionals on duty at these hospitals why Uncle Emeka was not treated? Can someone pay for the murder of a man who gave his skills and imagination to the upliftment of his fellow man? Can we for once rise up and speak so that Uncle Emeka’s sacrifice is not in vain.”

“Uncle Emeka is all of us. Or he will be soon enough. For when you eventually fall sick in Nigeria, and at these times, you will receive the same treatment he got. I hope that your Calvary does not end as his did. He breathed his last tired and knowing that there was no hope.” He stressed.


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