Developing Uvwie In The Race Of Time



The importance of time is a tacit assumption in many accounts of developmental mechanisms. Timely differentiation is necessary for the growth and assembly of functional, well-proportioned society. Small variations produce the differences that distinguish individuals, whereas pronounced changes result in more major alterations in the timing or organisation of developmental processes that characterize differences between species.

Moreover, abnormalities in timing can lead to defects in the assembly of projects , resulting in dysfunction that can be incompatible with survival of a community or society. In addition, the speed of progression through a developmental sequence is important: it determines the overall duration of development and controls the rate of individual developmental processes.

A peep into the world’s mechanism today, would be asserted generally that, the world has changed from what it used to be in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90s. Some school of thought would contend that, it is technology while others will argue that, it is the change that goes with time but I would contend that, it is ‘development’ associated with time.

Time and Development runs together, once the Time is stopped! Development stops, that is why you see countries like Uganda, Mozambique, Cameroon, Tanzania, Sudan, Ivory coast, Congo and other African countries are struggling to meet up with the development of the present day because their Leaders fail to understand that Time and Development runs together, some leaders may know but they would intentionally put a stop to the time which would in turn affect the development of their countries thereby subjecting her citizens into untold hardships.

In Nigeria, some leaders understand this logic, some use it for the betterment of those around them while some use it to favour themselves to the detriment of others.

In Delta State, some leaders understood this principle, that is why you see almost everyone in the political scene saying 2023 is all about the central because they know Time and Development runs together. 1999 – 2007 was Central, 2007-2015 was South, 2015 -2023 is for North and it is currently running. It has been a clear and smooth paradigm shift in the democratic affairs of the State. In this stead, you notice everyone managing their time very well because they know once it is over, it would take years to get it back. Presently, the consciousness of the time is propelling every leader in Delta North to make sure development that would stand the test of time is felt until they would have the opportunity again to govern the state.

Conversely, in Uvwie Local Government Area, one can contentiously say that, the story is different because some political leaders choose to forget that Time and Development goes together. Yes, they forgot because they never expected or wanted power to leave a particular sector/zone of the LGA, they forgot, because they want to be “MOGHAGBE” of Uvwie Politics, they forgot because they were blinded by their greed and lust for total control just like Idi Amin of Uganda, they forgot because they want to punish or dominate a section of the LGA just as the Northern part of Nigeria is politically dominating other parts of Nigeria. They forgot because they are busy gathering wealth for themselves and milking us dry just the way Gen. Abacha looted Nigeria. They forgot that, their actions is turning Uvwie LGA into the Afghanistan of Delta State which is affecting every development.

Development is in a snail speed process in Uvwie because we choose not to look deep to get the right solution because we are scared to look deep.
Come to Uvwie LGA, of the five (5) zones namely; Ward 1 & 2 Zone 1, Ward 3 & 4 Zone 2, Ward 5 & 6 Zone 3, Ward 7 & 8 Zone 4, Ward 9 and 10 Zone 5., which were created for same purpose like we have the 6 Geopolitical zones in Nigeria and same purpose why we have the 3 senatorial districts in Delta State. Can we say that political leaders in Uvwie has demostrated the true sense of Time and Development using an equitable democratic precedence?

How can development be seen and felt in the nook and crannies of the LGA when the rotation of power is selected and stagnated? A careful look into the political administration of the local government right from democratic inception, will show that, Zone 1, has relatively been in control of power in the LGA followed by Zone 5, with Zone 2 and 3 following suit, leaving Zone 4 with nothing to show for! (Hon Friday Ani, Hon Evelyn Oboro, Hon Solomon Igrhakpata, Hon Peter Abugewa. These are from ward 1. Chief Hon Willy Ashubu, Ward 2. Ward 1 & 2 makes up the ZONE ONE. ZONE TWO: Hon Stella Otiotio ward 3. Ward 3 & 4. ZONE THREE: Hon Ramson Onoyake Ward 5, Ward 5 & 6. ZONE FIVE: Hon Henry Baro, ward 10. Chief Robert Ejifoma ward 10. Hon Bright Edejewhro ward 10. Ward 9 & 10. ZONE FOUR: which is ward 7 & 8. NONE)

Community change and development can be a gradual unfolding of different ways of life or can imply a sudden, fundamental transformation of economic, social, and political institutions. Individuals perceive, experience, and handle effects of social change on the basis of certain sociopsychological processes.

However, I believe that the enhancement of individual development in a changing socio-economic society will allow us to further our understanding of human development. This belief is based on the assumption that individual development is an active process taking place over the life course in multiple contexts. The active role of the individual is seen in the psychological processes of negotiating the self in relation to the environment, including goal setting, decision making, and behaviour.

Conclusively and in truism, power needs to be moved round the zones in Uvwie LGA with a time frame just like we have in Delta State. Every Bloc, Sector or Zone should have a rotational taste of power. And the best time to correct these ills and ensure equity and fairness is through the forth coming local government election in Delta State. Political actors should imbibe the spirit of good conscience and togetherness in ensuring that power goes to the zone that has not tested it. This would spur the LGA Chairman and Leaders to be proactive in developing their Bloc, Sector or Zone because they know after their tenure it would go to the next Bloc, Sector or Zone. An equitable rotation amongs the zones would end the lackadaisical behaviour of the Chairman because the people of the Bloc. Sector or Zone would ask questions when they do not see development being attracted to their zone under the political despensation of their own. I rest my case!


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