Why PDP Will Never Like Tinubu


After his voluntary resignation From MOBIL as a top Executive, he joined the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Group later, with PSP to become SDP. He became a Senator in 1992. After June 12 annulment, his house in Ikoyi was bombed by antiJune12 military government, he ran to exile…. At Exile, he together with other democratic forces formed and financed NADECO a coalition of Democrats that fought the military to a standstill in 1998 and got democracy back to Nigeria 🇳🇬 in 1999. He was elected Governor of Lagos and held the position for 8 years.

In 2015, TINUBU’s dream of ending PDP political career was realised and DEMOCRATS all over the world thought Peace has returned to Nigeria. However, the remnants of the PDP within the APC took over NASS and held the neck of the APC at gunpoint. It was an implosion within. Tinubu developed a robust plan for LAGOS with great succession plan which took Lagos to the 5th Economy in Africa 🌍 and its GDP is bigger that those of 30 States put together. His mastery of economics and politics is beyond the ranting and hate of Social Media.

He has remained stable politically since 1991, mentored many to leadership, created platforms for many and helped Nigerians defeat PDP. Although, he doesn’t have a powerful say in the government, yet he got no credits for successes but all the punches for every setbacks. But JAGABAN ensured that GMB made JUNE 12 our Democracy Day, he got GCFR for Abiola. He nominated the most loyal VP in our history to GMB, this brings stability to the Government unlike the days of OBASANJO and ATIKU who fought for 4 years destructively. After the disagreement between CPC and ACN in 2011, Tinubu started a more respectable deal with GMB with the aim of sending PDP out of power in 2015. He called it COMMON SENSE REVOLUTION. It was common sense because it was not arm struggle but purely based on DEMOCRACY.. After PDP hijacked AD, Tinubu didn’t decamp to ANY PARTY, he formed his own political party which won Lagos only. And after careful strategic planning, the party, by 2011 going to 2015 had taken over SW and Edo, and couple of Legislative seats in other zones.

The Power sharing agreement which left TINUBU completely out of holding Political position in the new arrangement never deterred TINUBU to work rocksolid for the victory of the APC and GMB. JAGABAN is never about ME MYSELF AND I but about the greatness of NIGERIA. Undeterred even without holding any influential office, Tinubu fought the enemies within almost single handedly and despite helping many to power, his gestures were negatively reciprocated. Yet his support for the APC and GMB remain unshaken, his loyalty remains UNQUESTIONABLE. By 2019, APC had rooted out those who hijacked NASS and it was going to be a developmental victory for Nigerians…..but another set of implosion ravaged the party. Again, TINUBU is the Taget. He must be destroyed by the PDP he sacked and by those who want power in 2023. His party became the foremost opposition party in Nigeria 🇳🇬. Tinubu, having realised that OBJ had used the South term, never used his platform to run, instead, he made it available for Atiku in 2007 and Ribadu in 2011. TINUBU was never a selfish politician like many others.

TINUBU is a politician every Politician wants to be like, unfortunately, not everyone can share a cow but still remains a vegetarian.



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