Okere-Urhobo Kingmakers Debunk Purported Installation of Orosuen



The Okpako Orere, heads of the three ruling houses of Okere Urhobo Kingdom, has said that nobody has been installed as the Orosuen of Okere-Urhobo Kingdom.

The Okpako Orere of Okere-Urhobo Kingdom, Apostle I.A.M Eraivor who stated this at a press briefing held in Warri, said it was the duty of the Okpako Orere to commence the selection process of an Orosuen (king), according to the custom and tradition of Okere-Urhobo people, as confirmed by the Delta State Government report of July, 2020.

The Okpako Orere, on behalf of heads of the three ruling houses of Idama, Sohworuvwe and Ohwotemu, the Council of Elders as well as the people of Okere-Urhobo Kingdom, asserted that the publication on the emergence of Chief Emmanuel Okumagba as Orosuen currently trending in media was false and should be disregarded. “I wish to make it abundantly clear that nobody has been selected, appointed, installed and crowned as the Orosuen (King) of Okere-Urhobo Kingdom, Warri”, he stated.

According to him, the process of selecting a new Orosuen will commence and the traditional rights and programme of activities will be announced publicly to the entire Kingdom by the Okpako Orere and heads of the three ruling houses.

Apostle Eraivor said that a female descendant, whose father is from Ekpan community in Uvwie Local Government Area, who purportedly crowned Okumagba, has no right to perform the act or select any other person as the Orosuen-elect of Okere-Urhobo Kingdom, Warri.

He noted that Chief Emmanuel Okumagba, who had contested the Okere-Urhobo kingship stool on several occasions but failed, maintaining that “Okere-Urhobo people will not allow such and desperate act of Chief Emmanuel Okumagba and Chief George Amurun to thrive”.

The Okpako Orere, said the illegal action had been reported to the Nigeria Police for appropriate action.

“I wish to re-assure all indigenes and residents of Okere-Urhobo Kingdom that at the end of the on-going selection process, which is in line with Okere-Urhobo Kingdom traditional declaration and the Delta State Government report on Okere-Urhobo kingship, the Okpako Orere, the three ruling houses and elders in council will formerly announce the selection, appointment, installation and crowing of an Orosuen of Okere-Urhobo Kingdom, Warri”, he stated.


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