MICHAEL IKEOGWU: Smoothening The Pathways In NUJ Delta State Council. 



The Nigeria Union Of Journalists (NUJ) Delta State Council where Comrade Mike Ikeogwu is at the helm of affairs is an integral of the NUJ National Body with its headquarters in Abuja. This denotes that the NUJ Delta State Council is a small Society within its larger National Body. Therefore, for NUJ Delta State to have a connecting Link with its National Body means that there is already a door of inter-relationship. This clearly shows that NUJ is not a closed but an open System. Any open system must have pathways, doors or gates as one may wish to call it if the system wants continuity and survival.

An individual. Family, Association, Union, Country and even the World all have part ways. No individual or Society can flourish well by operating a close system. This notion of Open System engenders exhange of ideas, goods, services; uni and bi-lateral relationships (in case of countries) which eventually lead to mutual benefits.

The reverred Chairman of NUJ Delta State Council is quite informed by the fore-going analysis hence he is so obsessed with smoothening and creating more pathways for NUJ Delta State. His vision and initiatives are to allow ideas, partnerships, synergy, cooperation that will bring gains to Delta NUJ in particular and NUJ National in general.

Comrade Ikeogwu, a selfless Leader, a General who is known by the size of his formidable Army is continuously reaching out to who is who in governance, business world and others in various sectors of human endeavours in a bid to uplift and make NUJ Delta State more meaningful for the benefits of members and NUJ Publics.

Ikeogwu and his Executive members have been embarking on working visits and courtesy calls not for selfish reasons but to make the visions and mission of NUJ known more. Hitherto, most people even members only perceive journalists as only News Writers but Ikeogwu’s official working visits have gone a long way in creating more awareness in terms of NUJ functions as Watchdog, setting agenda, crusading for reforms and so on. In other wards, Ikeogwu is creating acceptance, awareness, support, partnership, and sympathy instead of apathy.

The NUJ Delta State Council under Ikeogwu’s leadership needs more support and encouragement from members as a kind of reinforcement for better results particularly in this Ikeogwu’s second tenure as Chairman.
While thanking the able Chairman for his good works so far, I also encourage him to continue to make sure that NUJ Delta State Council remains one strong entity where equity and fairness remain the falcrum.


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