NIGERIAN ARMY VS BOKO HARAM THIS WEEK – Actual events Vs Media Reports:


Feb 14, 2021: Nigerian troops kill two most wanted Boko Haram terrorist leaders, Abul-Bas and Ibn Habib in Borno. Media report. NONE

Feb 15, 2021: Nigerian troops kills 81 Boko Haram militants in clearance operation. Media report: Online

Feb 15, 2021: Over 19 Boko Haram insurgents killed in an airstrike as soldiers were carrying out clearance operations across some villages.

Feb 16 : Troops of 159 & 233 Battalion killed 160 Boko Haram & ISWAP terrorists at their secrete meeting point in Baiomari town in Yobe.

They had no idea they were under ISR surveillance the whole time. Who vectored fighter jets to finish them off Media report: Just a hand few of online media.

Feb 16 ; Nigerian troops in a gun battle with the insurgents kill 20 Boko Haram terrorists. Recover trucks and GPMGs.

Feb 17: Six Nigerian soldiers killed, ammunition stolen. Media; Daily Trust ( Boko Haram kills 6 soldiers. Sacks Army Base)

Sahara Reporters : Soldiers Flee in Disarray as B/Haram Strom Army Base. This makes it the 3rd attack in a month despite large number of troops.

Channels : Six Soldiers Killed, Ammunition Stolen As B/Haram Dislodges Troops.

Dozens of other news media too numerous to list given character limitations on Twitter.

Feb 18; Nigerian troops capture BHT camps. Makes video of soldiers in high spirit thanking the C&C for acquiring state of the act weapons ”that has made their job so much easier”. They say with these weapons the war might be over by April. Media report: NONE.

”Boko Haram take over Borno. Frightened troops and and residents flee into the forest. The attacks comes a few days after 10 soldiers were killed in an ambush. The Nigerian army has repeatedly claimed they have been largely defeated and has consistently underplayed army losses.”

”Boko Haram members has hoisted their flag in Marte, Borno State. The insurgents repeatedly attacked the LGA this week. On Friday the insurgents attacked DIKWA….”

Notice how they ”conveniently” ‘forgot” to inform Nigerians that the attacks were repelled by troops, killing many. The surviving insurgents in their attempt to flee were spotted by helicopter gunships and attacked, instantly killing 19 and destroying their gun trucks.

The panic stricken insurgents who survived the air strike fled into directly the waiting arms of Nigerian army snipers that had taken up ambush positions in the forest, where they were cut down by positions. Details like this are conveniently left out.


The new Air Chief appears not to be up to speed on the use of PR. There was a time when the NAF released air strike footages almost on a daily basis for all to see, countering fake claims with proof. Seems that is no longer the case.

So many successful operations has been deliberately suppressed by the media. They media is supposed between the military and the civilian populace, not play cheer leader for Boko Haram. They control the narrative by suppressing the gallant of exploits of troops and instead give material support to terrorists. The media is knowingly providing a platform to terrorist groups.

Boko Haram have found the media to be invaluable for disseminating ideology and propaganda. The media gleefully host and disseminate terrorist contents.

A marriage made in heaven.

Courtesy – Defense News Nigeria


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