Delta APC: Asaba Airport concesionning, another monumental fraud


Delta APC concurs with the saying that “government has no business in business”. This would mean that, the business of any serious minded government is to provide enabling environment for private businesses to thrive.

It is on this above premise, Delta APC supports any government that is transparent in concesioning public properties. Unfortunately, the fraud called “concesioning of Asaba Airport”, will go down in history as the greatest bleak, shady business, and economic coup against Deltans!

It is an affront to common sense that an Airport (business) wherein more than N40billion was invested, was concessioned for N4billion, and to yield N100million annually because of vested interests. A mathematical calculation of the above figures shows that Deltans will not recoup the expended incomes for the concesionning in the near future, how much more make profits from it!

It is shocking to note that there was no advertisement nor publicity and/or adequate information on plans by the government to concession the Airport. This is attributable to the vested interests of the cronies of the government and evil desire to enslave Deltans.

They see it as another “isiagware” of theirs! In other words, the concesioning was done in bad faith, and solely to enrich kleptomaniacs in government circles.

Delta APC challenges the Delta State Government to put in the public domain, wherein there were publications on the planned concesionning of the Airport. Also, the government should show to Deltans the companies and/or corporate bodies that partook in the exercise, and how much each of them bid.

We call on Deltans and all people of goodwill to kick against this obvious shenanigans, called “concesioning of Asaba Airport”.

Deltans, arise and claim your future and the future of your generations yet unborn.

Sylvester Imonina, Esq.,
Publicity Secretary (Caretaker), APC Delta State.

24th February, 2021.


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