On EFCC’s NEW PROBE OF TINUBU The real question is why now?


Gbolahan Gbadamosi

Is this proof that the old hand – Magu – refused to do what is right? Or is it that the new hand – Bawa – is now being pressured by unseen hands to do something urgently? Or is it that Bawa has a personal score or knows something we all don’t know which he now wants to investigate properly?

Whatever is the case, I will argue that it doesn’t speak well of successive governments since 2007 that we are investigating a man who is not in office 14 years after he left office especially when such a man has no immunity. We have to exonerate the Jonathan government on this because he was tried under that government and the court pronounced him – not guilty!

Moreover, I wonder why the issue remains “asset declarations” rather than straight focus on corruption? In the court, Tinubu was accused of running a foreign account while in office. It was frustrating for me personally that in court the only active accounts they showed were those of 2 or 3 of his children and none of the accounts had up to the equivalent of $500 if I remember correctly. Surely, there must be something on corruption they can find or not?

Finally, it is interesting that this case has once passed through the judicial system and the man was acquitted at that point. If there is a new evidence, why would the EFCC not gather it confidentially so that they take it to appeal or retrial after they have all the evidence required. Trial by media leakage always results in accusations of victimisation and politicisation.

With 2023 around the corner it looks desperate that a man close to government and who has been rumoured to be interested in the number one seat is now suddenly being investigated by the same government when they have had the last 6 years to do that. Nigeria will never cease to be a mystery.

“Sometimes, there is the interesting narrative that Buhari does not interfere with jobs of his appointees. The problem is that it is potentially possible that some of his appointees who are powerful may intervene on his behalf and in his name.

I have no proof, but let’s assume it is the AG that is influencing the new man – Bawa to start this case? He nominated the young and now the man has the job. Everyone knows Malami doesn’t like Tinubu. Malami and the core CPC group are not friends with the old ACN. It was the moderates among them that allowed the party merger and eventual APC success at the polls to happen.

If your government did not investigate the same Tinubu for 6 years, why are they doing it now?

If a Buhari now pretends he doesn’t know about it, and he is not interested, then that would be strange, wouldn’t it?”.


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