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    2023 election will be the most competitive election ever in the history of Nigeria due to the calibre of people coming out to declare their intentions. The projection of those who have and intend to declare shows that, it shall be an election of betrayer, players and thrillers. But I will describe each of the candidates using different analysis of soccer appraisal.

    1. Ahmed Tinubu : A tactician and strategist. A master planner who read the heart of politics and it’s intricacies. He is just like PEP Guadiola, he knows what to do, to achieve winning. Tinubu has the structure to get his future. But, it seems nature has not always been kind to him. He is the only politicians with a wide, robust structure to get people to work and grassroots. He has a great political network that will match with anybody’s net worth.

    2. Yahaha Bello.:This one is a baby politician who got no structure, future and nurture. He has no electoral value. An opportunist governor that rose to power via the craziness of our law. He is just like Harry McGuire of Man united. If not for Grace and media hype, he still suppose to be at house of Representatives or LG chairman. Very expensive in his appearance and approach to things but got no value in his home town. I think he just want to add presidential aspirants to his CV

    3. Yemi Osibajo : I will liken him to Zinadene Zidane. A man who learnt by observation both from Tinubu and Buhari in his political apprenticeship. Zidane don’t coach where he knows, he would fail. The reason, he never wanted to come to Man united. Am sure, Osibajo already have some secrets supporters from the movers and shakers in Abuja. He can only emerge via consensus. He has a future to nurture but no structure.

    4.Rotimi Amaechi: This one has lost it’s integrity. He has turned his ministry of Transportation to an appendage of extension of Aso rock in Daura. A complete comedian claiming to have the strength of like Ussain Bolt. He has no structure, no nurture. He is better as a Governor

    5. Atiku Abubakar : No structure, only money politics. He is just like PSG. They always get to champions league final or Semi final. Remove money for Atiku, he is paperless.

    6.Emefeile Godwin.: He has no structure, future and suitor. Emeifile will be a disaster as a president. He is more or less like a vampire in that office. He is not different from Ralf-Ragnick and Ole Gunner.

    7.Nyesome Wike. The Jose Mourinho of politics. He talks too much without achieving anything. He talks like Goliath that can destroy things but a small wisdom of David will sent him packing. Remove mouth from him, he is ordinary. He is definitely not a special one. Another tension that will be added to people’s pressure if he becomes the president.

    8.Bukola Saraki…. Let me call him, the Villarreal or the Seville of politics. Their best outing is always at Europa. They have mastered that level. He is the Diego Simone. Always getting their syndrome. Timing is always against him. A great politicians who knew some of our problems but got no suture for his charisma. He can’t get tickets in PDP.

    9.Tambuwal is a great politician. Loved by people. He needs to move away from PSG like Tuchel and come to Chelsea. He can’t manage some of the big boys in his party. His future is bright, if he can build his structure for better sculpture.

    10. Peter Obi :Aside Okorocha. This is the only candidate in the east and I love him so much. He is like Ronaldo that went to a wrong club (Man United)or like Messi that left his natural habitat. Obi can’t get the ticket. His region got no electoral strength that can make him to be a competitor. He needs someone like Obasanjo that will say……. This is my candidate and all of you must vote for him. He needs a Samuel that will anoint him in the spiritual realm for an earthly manifestation of his dream.

    You must either have a structure, a platform or a benefactor to be a competitive factor in Nigeria politics. Whoever got this, will be our next president.