“YOU ARE CITIZENS DEFENDER AND A CIVIL SOCIETY FRIENDLY” – Anighoro to Oborewori… as Civil Society Network engages with him.


Civil Society leaders under the aegis of Civil Society Network for Citizens Engagement, Credible Elections and Good Governance (CSNCE2GG) have engaged with Rt. Honourable Sheriff Oborewori, a frontline Delta State Governorship aspirant at his Osubi residence in Okpe Local Government Area of Delta State.

The Civil Society leaders led by Activist Rex Emojite Anighoro affirmed that Rt. Hon. Sheriff Francis Oborewori has recorded great antecedents with the Civil Society, a friendly legislator who has greatly supported Civil Society causes in the State. He confessed that Sheriff Oborewori has been a force in the House, one who ensured that critical bills which strengthened CSO causes and defended the Citizens were passed.

Activist Rex Emojite Anighoro further stated that, while Civil Society will remain the uncompromising watchdog of society, it will openly show solidarity to every aspirant, especially those who have shown a more excellent way in governance, and displayed uncommon support to the works of Civil Society in the State, and that for advancing Civil Society causes in the State, Hon. Sheriff Oborewori deserves CSO’s great commendation.

Speaking further, he made it known that the Civil Society will be at the frontlines, engaging aspirants, interrogating their manifestos and their agenda, because Delta Citizens deserves nothing but the very best.

He stated that it was important for the Civil Society to engage aspirants before they emerge as candidates of their political parties to ensure that aspirants become greatly aware of the place of Civil Society as drivers of good governance and development, as well as to secure critical buy-ins from aspirants from the very beginning of the electoral process.

Activist Rex Anighoro used the occasion of the visit to call on all aspirants at all levels to strengthen the credibility of the electoral process by shunning the campaign of calumny, blackmail and propaganda aimed at opponents. He made it known that aspirants are all partners of development and good governance who only see progress differently.

He said that the Civil Society was worried at the high level of fake news, hate speech and mudslinging by supporters of aspirants especially on social media, who instead of showcasing the agenda of their principals to their target audience are hell bent on selling negative narratives against their opponents. He called on Citizens not to make themselves enemies but to be united in demanding a better deal for the people from the political class.

He stated that the International Community is watching the quality of aspirants and their campaigns and that aspirants must embrace global best practices and engage with issues based campaigns to make it easy to secure their partnership in future. He stated that it was incumbent on aspirants to also ensure a violence-free campaign and elections.

Activist Rex Anighoro praised the Okpe-born politician for leading a responsible campaign so far, urging him to continue engaging with an issue-based campaign as a unifier with immense street credibility and acceptability from Deltans.

He also charged him to focus intensely on showing to the delegates and to Deltans more than ever as to why he should be considered to be the next Governor of Delta State, as only the will of the citizens will be prevail.

Activist Rex Anighoro described Honourable Sheriff Oborewori as a leader and politician capable of advancing Delta State if given the opportunity, and wished him the very best.

Other Civil Society leaders who spoke at the meeting made it clear that Civil Society will remain non-partisan and will continue to openly engage with the aspirants and inform citizens of the outcomes, which is in the best interest of the aspirants who desire to reach all citizens with their message.

Rt. Honourable Sheriff Oborewori responding at the meeting thanked the Civil Society delegation for their robust engagement and show of solidarity. He promised that he will not compromise the place of the Civil Society as drivers of good governance and development when he becomes the Governor of Delta State in 2023.

He also made it known that he remained the most acceptable governorship aspirant with a pragmatic manifesto committed to advance and make Delta State become M. O. R. E.

He stated that due to his experience, he cannot be distracted by his opponents and that all blackmail against him are dead on arrival. He is focused on the pursuit of securing the consent of the Delegates and the Citizens to lead Delta State into the future.

He thanked Activist Rex Anighoro and the Civil Society leaders for finding time to engage with him, promising to run an all-inclusive Government.

Amongst the delegation of Civil Society leaders in attendance were Amb. Augusta Impact Keneboh of the Afro Centre for Development Peace and Justice, Dr. Martins Kediehon of the Safe Aid Foundation, Comrade Williams Welemu of the Shedrack Agediga Foundation, Amb. Eris Jewo of the Working Fingers International, Activist Ambrose Egbe of the Defenders of the Common Cause, Comrade Daniel Evwerhanmre of the Advocates of the Global Goals and Citizens Greater Good Initiative, Activist John Izobo of the Delta State Civil Society Volunteers, Amb. Tonbra Kasikoro Kiloprite of Women Initiative for Values Empowerment and Sustainability, Activist George Oghenekevwe of the Alliance for Social Justice and Human Rights and Efetobore German of Human Rights and Good Governance Initiative