Monday, 13 June, 2022.

HE. Atiku Abubarka, GCON,
Presidential Candidate of the PDP,
No. 16, Iro Dan Musa Street,
Abuja, FCT.,


I wish to provide additional information about the desperate aspirations of your HE. Okowa and the essential need for you to remain circumspect, cautious and wary of him as a man who is undoubtedly living a false, double and instrumental evil life worst than the 5 greatest evil doers in the Bible; Delilah, Haman, Jezebel, Herodias and Abimelech. If you don’t run away from him and treat him like a leper by quarantining him to “leper colonies” he will certainly ruin and doom your brightest chance ever to be President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Hear hear hear his track records of betrayals.

In June of 2015, Rt. Hon. Monday Ovwigho Igbuya, the member representing Sapele constituency was unanimously elected the Speaker of the Sixth Delta State House of Assembly. Majority of Deltans applauded Rt. Hon. Igbuya emergence because of his well acknowledged role and labour of sacrifice that led to the emergence of Governor Okowa in the governorship primary election of 2015. He was an effective leader and a round peg in a round hole in the House. Hardly did Rt. Hon. Igbuya settle down as the Speaker before Governor Okowa pick up a cold war with him. Okowa wanted Igbuya to be autocratic and bossy to his colleagues and put pressure on him to divide the House of Assembly by ensuring that only those who are loyal and towed the line of Governor Okowa in the House gets their entitlement, rewarded and should enjoy the government. Rt. Hon. Igbuya resisted the pressure and the Governor started to orchestrate conflicts in the House and eventually ordered members including my humble self, in the wee hours of the night in May 2017 through his well known lieutenants to organize a coup that impeached Rt. Hon. Igbuya. Still not satisfied, Governor Okowa went on to use the Chief Kingsley Esiso led PDP State Executive Committee to humiliate Rt. Hon. Igbuya out of the Party. He was immediately replaced by a questionable character, benighted semi-illiterate scoundrel and multiple certificates, names and documents coiner. The House immediately sunk to the lowest becoming a lame duck and an appendage of Governor Okowa’s government; treating only executive bills and approving bogus loans application from the Governor that has stagnated the state. He betrayed Rt. Hon. Igbuya heartlessly and conscienceless.

Okowa’s betrayal hypocrisy, indiscretion, high handedness, intolerance and excesses against dedicated PDP members in the state are indescribable. He has converted the PDP Delta State to an agency or arm of his government for witch-hunting, persecuting, terrorizing, querying, suspending, polarizing and alienating his personal political enemies from his government and the Party to the peril and jeopardy of the overall interest of the PDP in the State. There is an endless list of strong and dependable PDP members across the State that Governor Okowa has victimized, excluded, queried, suspended and driven from the Party and his government for the suspicion that they will contest election against him or not vote for him if he runs for Senate or not support his guber choice Rt. Hon. Oborevwori. Governor Okowa has severally misused the Chief Kingsley Esiso led PDP State Executive Committee to torment and chased away several dedicated members of our party and their teaming supporters out of PDP.

Your Excellency, Vice President Abubarkar Atiku and the Presidential flag bearer of our great party, it breaks my heart, the hearts of thousands of Deltans and PDP members that Governor Okowa has turned the Delta State PDP State Working Committee (SWC) into a nest of consummate reprobates. On the 31st of May, 2021, one of PDP’s accomplished and consummate stakeholder and leader, founding PDP Delta State Chapter State Secretary, former State Chairman of PDP Delta State and the then PDP Senator representing Delta North Senatorial District in the National Assembly, Distinguish Senator Peter Onyeluka Nwaoboshi said and I quote him; “Governor Okowa has undermine all PDP stakeholders in Delta State, I mean he has completely cut off all stakeholders and leaders of Delta State PDP. He seats down in his office to decide and direct everything without recourse to any leader. But go and tell him that I said……No man can sit in his office and solely determine who the next governor of Delta State is. We have the resources to fight and stop him from picking his successor alone.” Immediately after this speech, Governor Okowa directed Chief Kingsley Esiso the State Chairman of PDP Delta State and State Working Committee (SWC) of the Delta State Chapter of the PDP to suspend Senator Peter Onyeluka Nwaoboshi from PDP in a breaking news.

Senator Nwaoboshi who fought hardest and more than any living being to ensure that Senator Okowa became the first Anioma son to be Governor of Delta State and indeed midwife him as a seating PDP State Chairman, could not take the shame and betrayal, he immediately resigned his membership of the PDP and decamped to the APC. This is how Delta State that uses to pride itself as PDP State became a state with only one Senator out of three. It was immediate followed by Dr. Tony Nwaka, a founding member of PDP and three times Hon. Commissioner and member of the Delta State Executive Council, LGA Chairman and an internationally recognized publisher and prolific writer- he suffered the same fate as Senator Nwaoboshi and he is now a House of Representatives candidate in APC. Governor Okowa has continued to misuse the Chief Esiso led Exco to humiliate Rt. Hon. Friday Osanebi, former Deputy Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly and many other strong PDP members across the state.

HE. Atiku Abubarkar you cannot afford to carry this notorious deceiver and betrayal (Echis carinatus – viper) the most lethal and deadliest of all politicians- snake in your pocket as your VP otherwise your presidency will be either thoroughly trounce, vanquished, conquered or short lived. You know when the cobra strikes,
death is imminent.


Hon. Evance Ochuko Ivwurie.