James Ibori: The Wounded Okpohkhrokpo (PERSPECTIVE)



The Urhobo word for lion is “Okpohkhrokpo”. Our sister tribe, of which Ibori also belongs to, the Itsekiris, call the lion “ejenakpu”. The hunter with his dane gun knows that after shooting a lion, and seeing trails of its blood, he must reload and fast, as the injured lion will look to tear him down

And a lion is a cat

And a cat has nine lives, the saying goes.

So those who think Ibori dead, must count the times Ibori has “died” and risen again…feline.

When Okowa decided to go against the arrangement to hand power, first back to Urhobo, preferring the Ijaws, it was the first aim at James Ibori. Okowa had kept Ogboru and financed him in APGA party, hoping he would have two Urhobos, Omo-Agege vs Ogboru and an Ijaw can coast to power. It was his plan. But even kings know, as the last but one Itsekiri monarch found out when he tried to stop the worship of Omale, that not all your wishes and best laid plans work out. It is a lesson Buhari also learnt when he tried to impose a unanimous presidential candidate on APC

James Ibori is not Okowa’s mate. Okowa may have the resources now that Ibori has had a lot of his wealth taken away by courts etc, Okowa may think himself numero uno, now that he was able to install his Sheriff over David Edevbie that they all had agreed would take over from him. Yes Okowa may have vowed not to hand over to David Edevbie for daring to run against him, but his agreement was with OKPOHKHROKPO himself, James Ibori, and not with Edevbie, James protege.

And for Okowa to even attempt to ensure Ibori’s daughter, Atake, fails in her political quest shows indeed, Okowa was ready to politically annihilate and humiliate and mutilate James Ibori.

So Okowa has made his PLAY. Now, over the next days and then months, and years, he must collect his PAY

James Ibori it was that financed Okowa’s political dreams. Okowa would be a local government chairman at best without Ibori’s funds.

When Ibori came with MANY MONEY as GDM, Okowa was an average doctor tired of giving injections. The photos of how he looked then beside Chief James Ibori are available online.

Okowa forgets that the reason Ibori got in trouble in this life is because of ATIKU. He forgets Obasanjo held Ibori and Alamiiaseigha of Bayelsa responsible for Atiku daring to try to unseat him after first tenure. When Obasanjo knelt down to beg Atiku, Ibori is famed to have told Atiku “no gree. We dey your back. Take your presidency”. All the exconvict court cases stemmed from Obasanjo attempting to take revenge on Ibori. Note that Ibori and Alamieseigha also were proponents of RESOURCE CONTROL and so it was easy to target both of them.

Okowa also forgets that Ibori financed Yar Adua to power and that the North is beholden to Ibori for his help to the late Yar Adua and how he is fabled to have tried to keep Yar’Adua in power, despite his health and rumoured death, and Edevbie’s role said to bother on treason, if indeed he did all he did, on orders of Ibori

Don’t you find it strange that Ibori has faced zero charges or EFCC visit since his return, even under Buhari? The North owes Ibori, and they pay their death.

And Okowa forgets that James Ibori and Bola Tinubu are neighbours (almost) in Ikoyi and their business ties are loooooooong.(The econet purchase for instance)

So when Okowa is now not going to be Veepee ( as is said) and instead Wike is to be chosen, note that Wike and James run things steady. And if Atiku picks Wike, note that it is Ibori he will look to to deliver the Niger Delta to him

And yes, all militants listen to Ibori and the late Alamieseigha for reason we will not put on Facebook

Suffice to say that James Ibori may have lost round one. But Okowa’s Sheriff, may not see or enjoy power. Court cases will be replete and Omo-Agege remains respectful of the odidigboigbo, the Okpohkhrokpo of Delta state and Nigeria. Ibori

And those who dare sneer at Ibori for corruption, must remember they are about to vote for two candidates of APC and PDP whose corruption may dwarf that of Ibori.

If Okowa thinks he can go on to achieve his personal goals, having destroyed arrangements made with him, he must realize a wounded lion follows his smell and the lion wants a pound of flesh.

This veepee position which Okowa may lose, look around for footprints of an injured BIG CAT… OKPOHKHROKPO.