By Charles Nwabardi

In Nigeria, politics has been the winners (State Actors) take it all. Consequent upon this, transition processes have all along been beclouded with desperation and do-or-die affair that sometimes lead to shouting of such a slogan as “Nothing Dey Happen’, ‘ All The Way ooo’ by real politicians and their indoctrinated followers, ( meaning, they can never be challenged from any quarter. In order to achieve their selfish and oppressive aim they resort to violence that puts fear in their opponents. By these act of violence and treachery they build so much confidence because they could muster all that is within their disposals to determine the outcome of all elections results ranging from Federal to Local governments election.

Hitherto, general elections results could be pre- determined because the political party in power had already put machinery in place to have it as it wanted. For instance, whoever emerged as party’s candidate was already considered victorious. Then, winning Primary election used to elicit jubilation everywhere.

The Party in power was able to do that because of poor voters enlightenment, the low economic and social level of electorate. Voters were not not allowed to cast their votes according to their choice and conscience due to financial inducement. Party members were cowed, intimidated by party leaders and told who they must be voted in the name of loyalty.

Presently, the story is changing because Nigerians have realized that they have been deceived for long and have now found their political bearing.

I am not saying that some are still not vulnerable but some Nigerians that have attained voting age are saying no to the former ways (status quo).

As it is now in this present transitional period in Nigeria, most citizens have already had their choice of candidates. With the newly amended Electoral Law, nobody can take Nigerians for granted again.

If the ruling party, APC boasts that it can win the next year elections it may be joking. As it is now, the die is cast. Let every party showcase their choice candidates and ideologies for Nigerians to choose. Nigerians are looking at individuals and articulate party ideologies now. The era of vote our party all-the-way is gone.

Furthermore, a seasoned political analyst, forecaster or a prophet may
be wrong if they predict those that will win elections come 2023. There are variables that cannot make any prediction work. They are playing out gradually.

Politicking is full of manipulations. There are craftiness, manoeuvres, compromises, betrayals and what have you. The most of them that can destroy every smart plans is coalitions and alliances which may be on the way. God factor is also a force.

Alliance has been working in Nigeria since the first Republic.
National Congress of Nigeria Citizens (NCNC) and the Northern Peoples Congress (NPC) Independent Nigeria’s Federal Government. It was a coalition formed by Action Congress Of Nigeria (ACN), a faction of People’s Democratic known as nPDP, Congress For Progressive Change (CPC) and All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) that wrestled the main PDP and defeated it in 2015 Federal election. That was how President Mohammadu
Buhari came to be the President.

Some self acclaimed political analysts and focasters who are already calling results of 2023 general elections are those who are still tied to the old order. It can no longer work as usual. Nigerians should expect surprises come 2023.