For many years, Atiku courted the media (PERSPECTIVE)


For many years, Atiku courted the media

He played on the social media

He showed us that he watched Wakanda in a public cinema

He tweeted his office and his children’s visit

Four years ago,

Atiku swarmed the social media and danced atikulation.

Today, Obi has displaced Atiku

Atiku’s social media vuvuzelas have disatikulated


Atiku has remembered that 90% of voters in the north know nothing about the social media

Atiku knows Petermania has dislodged him in many parts in the south


He wants to brand Obidiency as tomfoolery

Atiku knows that in a democracy a strong voice could be better than a thousand votes

He knows the social media controls the streets

And the streets affect the villages

But bear with Atiku

He must be regretting not forging a quick alliance with Obi

He must be regretting not keeping the genie in his agbada pocket.


From Dr. Ugo Egbujo