Northern Christian Leaders Back Muslim – Muslim Ticket

Tinubu / Kashim Shettima

In a statement signed by the North-West Zonal Chairman, Reverend Moses Bitrus of Arise and Shine Prophetic Ministry Kaduna, they said instead of joining to fight and grudge over the issue of Muslim-Muslim ticket ,”we have resolved to pray to God to give us leaders with the wisdom and knowledge to govern Nigeria.”


According to the statement, the group noted that “Nigeria is collapsing and needs leaders with proven track record of performance that are adequately equipped to fight the threats by insurgency with all seriousness.We need committed leaders with the capacity to deliver on campaign promises without excuses once elected “.


“These among several reasons are why we disagreed with Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and other churches kicking against the issue of Muslim -Muslim Ticket .”


The group however pointed out that ,”though Nigeria is a cosmopolitan state with a multi-ethnic and religious diversity, it is high time we begin to speak about leadership on the basis of merit, competence, experience and record of performance in choice of who leads across all tiers of government. “

Tinubu / Kashim Shettima

While stating that Tinubu governed Lagos for 8 years and Shettima governed Borno for same period of years, it said ,” the records of their examplary leadership in the area of religious tolerance, economic development and other indices of development are in the public domain.”


“We therefore resolve to stand by our faith that preach love for our neighbours and peaceful coexistence without any fear of intimidation to urge Nigerians to vote on basis of record of performance and not religion.”


“Tinubu has been married to a Christian wife for over 40 years and known for his good relationship with Christians across Nigeria . Shettima was singled out as a very receptive Governor ,who gave priority to growth and development of Christian communities in Borno during his days as Governor, so why the outcry ? Religion should not be the basis for electing a President and his running mate,” they said.


Culled from The Vanguard Newspaper