Wike / Nwaham

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta State, Hon. Iwemdi Nwaham has noted that it’s getting to time to call Governor Nysome Wike of River State’ bluff.


Wike / Nwaham

He noted this in a Press Statement made available to journalists in Asaba today.



Nwaham, who condemned Governor Wike’s recent attacks on his Party and Presidential flagbearer, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, during an interview he (Gov. Wike) granted ARISE Television, noted in his Press Statement that Wike┬áhas overstepped his bounds and certainly has an exaggerated opinion of himself and his worth.


He said “Governor Nyesom Wike was in the news recently, telling Nigerians and indeed the whole world that the interview granted Arise TV recently too, by the presidential candidate of his party, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, was “full of lies”. Ha.


“Ah ah. This man has overeached himself. He has overstepped his bounds. He certainly has an exaggerated opinion of himself and his worth. Himself, Ayo Fayeose and Governor Ortom of Benue State stayed away from Osun State election last month. Yet PDP triumphed. If trying to accommodate him and pacify him in PDP is going to bring this level of opprobrium, then it it is time for the party to bare her fangs and let the heavens fall, if it will.”


Wike / Nwaham

The Umunede born politician called on those who can reach Governor Wike to rush to him and call him to order now. That His threat that he would talk soon even after commissioning his projects, was adolescent virtuperation.



Nwaham said “Talking to the Nigerian audience with no way of intervening, about an internal party matter, for which lawful steps were taken all the way, means what? If there are still avenues of seeking redress, why not explore them instead of exposing your Party and what they are doing to public scorn and ridicule. Unless he wants to make it doubly sure that his party the PDP does not win the coming presidential election. Then he will be courting the charge of ANTI-PARTY.



“The argument that he was hurt or offended holds no water now. He has talked too much already. Just look at the man who wanted to be president or be a heartbeat away from the seat of president. Who will even accommodate this kind of person in a place or post where he will just be a menace or a nuisance? And I hope PDP is taking note. If he has to continue like this, then he is better out of the party than in and let him fight from outside.


“Governor Wike should be warned now.” Hon. Iwemdi Nwaham added.