“Sheriff is one of the best human being you can find” – Idama, President, Ohaneze Nd’Igbo, Delta South/Central Ohaneze N’Digbo


“The bond of Warri brotherhood started long ago and we cannot have it better than now that we are talking about a Warri boy as Governor. We are in Warri and we don’t have any other choice. He (Oborevwori) is a friend. He is a brother.

“We the Igbos are chesting out. We are not hiding to support your ambition to become our next Governor. We are not here for people to say Ohaneze is playing politics. Ohaneze will play the politics when the politics is due and when it is proper.

“Delta State has always been PDP and because of the support we are getting from PDP government we are looking forward and working towards retaining the PDP in government. They say the devil you know is better than the angel you do not know.

“Sheriff will not remember this but in 2014, I was going to the UK with my wife. We were at the Murtala Mohammed Airport and the shuttle bus to the aircraft was already filled. Behold, there was Sheriff with a friend in the bus. He saw me and said, “Oga, you are here?” He stood up for me. His friend also stood up and my wife and I sat down. My wife asked me who he was and I said, ‘that is Sheriff.” She said, “Dat na the Sheriff? Na him stand up for us?” He will not remember but I will not forget.

“I am talking about his humility. He is down to earth. If he knows you, he knows you, he does not pretend. When I started my hotel, there was a time I was mounting sign board at PTI Junction and Uvwie boys came asking that I do this and do that. I never knew Sheriff was passing by. He stopped and asked, “wetin, wetin, wetin?” They said I must pay money. He gave them N10,000 and asked me to continue with my business. That was in 2006.

“So, how humble, kind and supportive would you expect somebody to be? If you are hearing Sheriff Sheriff Sheriff from distance, the Sheriff I know is about one of the best human beings you can find. If we invest in him we can never make a mistake. He knows us and we know him. He is unlike somebody who has not seen you before, who does not know you and if you say Ohaneze he does not know what you are saying. This one na our own. I will summarise by saying, my brother, Sheriff, carry go.”